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Attention Brew Masters

We appreciate that you have worked extremely hard and invested a tank load of money to craft the finest beers and build your business.  Let’s shift gears for one minute and ask a few very important questions...

Let us handle those questions and demonstrate how adopting Gilbert Insurance Group’s On TAP Program (Training And Practices) will save you money as well as provide you with the peace of mind so you can focus on what’s truly important – BEER!

As we continue to work with various Craft Brewers, we see an enormous effort goes into creating and brewing the most distinguished beers and unique food menus.  We realize it takes additional time and effort to develop a proper risk management program to protect your investment.  This is where Gilbert Insurance Group can help – we did the work for you by designing an easy to implement, comprehensive risk management program specifically for busy Craft Brewers.   

On TAP Program
We will perform a full evaluation of all of your exposures - Liquor Liability, Work Comp, Employment Practices, Business Income, etc. Our program includes unique coverage specific to the exposures of brewing beer, such as tank leakage and tank collapse.  

You have a passion for craft beer!  We love that because we love beer!  We have a passion for helping you protect your business and impacting your bottom line.  We admit a risk management program isn’t as exciting as making beer, but it is very important to your success.  

Save money, sleep at night - call  Gilbert Insurance Group.